What is it “Delays” and how to repair delays?

Hdd Regenerator repairs delays. If your hdd is external, it’s better that you plug it as an internal drive. If you have delays under Windows, it’s better to rescan the hdd from a bootable regenerating CD/flash.

Permanent delays shows that your hdd has sectors with long access time. A hdd with permanent delays is actually failing drive and may cause data losses. Try to regenerate this kind of sectors with “Regenerate all sectors in a range” option. Also, the delays can be regenerated with “scan and repair” option, if the following both conditions are met:

1. Your hdd doesn’t contain bad sectors.

2. Your hdd has been completely scanned at least 1 time.

If you still have delays, such delays are permanent then the hdd should be replaced. Generally, 1-2 delays are not a problem. Your hdd will work. Unfortunatelly, later the amount of permanent delays will increase and you should be replace a hard disk.

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