HDD Regenerator Review

HDD RegeneratorThis app reminds me of good old days when people used to run around with rusty floppy disks full of essential disk repair utilities. It really does feel that nostalgic. Some of you probably even remember crossing your fingers and listening to the warbling sounds the hard drive made while running apps like Disk Doctor in order to “repair” bad sectors. After floppy drives became part of history, hardly anyone ever mentioned bad sectors. I’m not saying HDD’s didn’t have same issues, because they did.

Performing a low-level scan was fast and easy back in the days of 20MD drives.

Today, with our terabyte hard drives, even the most basic scan can take a very long time. When you’re dealing with critical data on your HDD, the process is even tougher.

What happens when you have important financial data or other crucial information and it becomes inaccessible? That’s where HDD Regenerator comes in. It can save you a lot of money, literally.

HDDR is an application that will detect and repair bad sectors and restore data from damaged hard drives. Before we go further, let’s explain what exactly “bad sectors” or “bad blocks” are.

Every hard drive is separated into blocks or sectors. The size of one block is typically 512K. When the OS cannot read information from a block it is marked as a “bad” and is no longer used.

The content of the bad sector is then moved, when possible, to another block. No software can repair physical damage to the disk heads or to the surface of the disk. This should clear up the confusion about repairing bad sectors in general. The difference is, nearly 60% of all hard drive damage is actually caused by an incorrectly-magnetized disk surface, not true physical damage. At the heart of HDD Regenerator is an algorithm repairs this kind of damage. This means the data you couldn’t access because of an incorrectly-magnetized disk surface will be restored.

Some think that only formatting is the solution to these issues. That’s unnecessary, because HDD Regenerator can repair damage that even a disk format cannot. Software completely ignores the file system and scans your hard drive at physical level with its special algorithm and repairs any magnetic damage done. Format simply cannot do that.

If you compare prices of a new HDD to the cost of HDD Regenerator you’ll find it is definitely worth giving it a try. Unless you’ve dropped your HDD or crushed it with a hammer — it can’t fix that! HDDR supports FAT, NTFS and other file systems. Also, when buying this software, you’re buying an unlimited license period and gaining huge discounts on major future upgrades, as well as one year of free minor upgrades. There’s just about no reason not to try HDD Regenerator.

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